Take a hike!


I’ve recently taken up a new activity…walking! Not a leisurely stroll, but very brisk walking. It’s brisk because I’m walking with my 6’1″ husband, and at 5’5″ it’s the only way my short legs can keep up. We live near a beautiful golf course so we go early morning before it opens and either walk the front or back nine for a total of 3.5 miles. Days off, if we are feeling ambitious, we walk the whole thing. 

After just a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that my weight loss has kicked back into gear. Of course, diet is still key…but it’s nice to finally break the plateau I’ve been on. I also notice subtle changes in my body…firmer legs and core.


Here’s me a few years ago..wouldn’t have caught me walking then!

I still go to the gym several times a week, but if I’ve walked that morning, I only do weights. It’s a great feeling walking into the gym knowing that you’ve already done your cardio for the day. 🙂
Here are a few more benefits of walking: 




summer is here..which means hot days and fewer clothes. This is good as I’ve been needing a boost in motivation to get these next pounds off. This season is supposed to be the easiest for weight loss…I hope so! Here’s an article explaining why:

One thing that helps me a lot is the abundance of fresh produce. I prepare fresh veggies daily now, so much tastier! Here’s last nights dinner:


That’s zero calorie “butter spray” on the baked potato. Peppers and onions were sautéed with olive oil spray. The summer squash was sprayed with olive oil and lightly seasoned with seasoned salt and black pepper and roasted at 400 for 20 minutes. Delicious and satisfying.

We took a trip to Florida last week..we went last year at this time too. Here’s our photos showing our weight loss over the year. Hubby is maintaining now..I still have a ways to go. This is the hardest part of my journey…feeding him enough so he doesn’t waste away while also sticking with a weight loss plan myself. Any tips  you can share will be appreciated!


Never too old to try something new.


My son, who is vegan, came for a visit recently. He prepared his own meals while he was here..and when he left, he left a few things behind. ” You eat them, Mom” he said. Well ok…but WHAT is this??

  Ok maybe I’ve led a sheltered life. But after a little googling, I discovered acorn squash! I’ve never prepared or eaten this I had no idea what to do with it. I was impressed by its “resume” though. What a healthy list of benefits! Here.. See for yourself:
I decided to roast  it, at 400, for about an hour and fifteen minutes. After slicing down the middle (and you almost need a chainsaw to get through that skin), scoop out the seeds and strings. Score the flesh. Spray with olive oil spray, pour in sugar free maple syrup and spread all over. Sprinkle a bit of stevia if you like. Cook til the edges are brown and its tender. After it’s done, I sprayed a bit of zero calorie butter spray and some sea salt.


 This was a delicious light supper! The squash was quite good and filling. Here’s the calorie counts:


Saturday brunch!


Today I slept in…which is rare occurrence for me. I already had planned today’s meals, but basically sleeping through breakfast forced me to rethink things. I wanted to go to the gym, and I don’t like to go on an empty stomach or an overly full one. So i had a “mini breakfast” of Greek yogurt with a few mixed nuts. After my hour in the gym I had a pack of peanut butter crackers. I’ve found it really helps with appetite control to include a MUFA every time you have a meal or snack…and nuts/peanut butter are especially helpful. After running some errands, I was ready for a full meal. Here’s my brunch menu:

1/2 grapefruit

Egg sandwich with turkey bacon, avocado (MUFA), tomato, baby spinach, on flax seed toast

Hash browns

Ten frozen grapes

  Delicious! And very satisfying. 

Save money and save calories


One of the biggest adjustments we had to make when we began our lifestyle change was cutting WAY back on the number of meals we ate out..or picked up. I’ve heard so many people complain that they “can’t eat healthy food because it’s just too expensive”. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve used that excuse a time or two myself. :).               Well now that I AM eating healthy, I realize that the only place healthier foods are often more expensive is in restaurants. This is especially true in fast food places. really don’t know how many calories you’re getting when you eat out. Does the cook measure every drop of oil or butter? Doubtful.  After a year of eating healthy, I’ve noticed that we’ve actually saved money on groceries. Mostly because we’ve learned the importance of portion control. Here’s tonight’s dinner:



The pork chop was around $2, maybe 50 cents for the sweet potato, and the whole head of cauliflower was no more than $2…so let’s say $1 for my portion. That makes a total of $3.50 for my dinner. Even better, it was only 293 calories! I’m totally full, but I have plenty of room in my daily calories for coffee and dessert (chocolate coconut fiber bar) in a little while.

Here are some more examples from Spark People of how eating healthy and eating at home can save you $$$.